„A bunch of basil makes your day pleasantly green!“

We are Mediterranean inspired family owned restaurant that has brought joy to all pizza and pasta friends for the past 14 years. Basiilik – it’s a synonym of delicious food, pleasant service and nice time.

Our dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean and European cuisine, which we have adapted to Nordic people taste buds. We pay special attention to healthy food and therefore restaurant Basiilik has become a beloved place for vegans.

Kids have a special place in restaurant Basiilik. We have prepared a tasty and healthy menu for them together with a nice play corner at the Sikupilli restaurant.

We are like a big Italian family who enjoys good food and pleasant company.

Urmas Saar
Head Chef

Cooking is a creative art that is my greatest passion and love. I would like to offer our customers a taste experience that will broaden the senses and create positive emotions.

Getter Saar
Marketing manager

Basiilik is like my baby. We have been growing together for the past 13 years. It has been something very special – a team striving for common goals, reliable partners and satisfied customers!

Thank you all for being there – you lovely people, you make us work with love and passion!

Margo Kesamaa

I am pleased to work in a place where I can happily arrive in the mornings and develop and realise ideas together with a wonderful team. My managing style is creative and I mainly focus on developing and training our team. I also enjoy working together with the waiting staff in the restaurant. Our aim is to offer our customers a pleasant service, delicious food and a good and high-quality beverage selection.

Lily Tikk
Assistant manager

I have been working in Basiilik for the past 10 years because I enjoy working in an evolving and young company. I like to work together with my colleagues that inspire me and who I can myself inspire.

On a daily basis, I do my best to make the team, customers and partners feel good with us.