We are pleased to be Basiilik’s Cooperation Partners, offering you Reval Natural Mineral Water. We are pleased that you are offering your customers special products and tastes! Lots of success and many satisfied customers!

Bio-Water OÜ
Keith Jürimäe
Executive Director

Puhastaja Kaubamaja and Basiilik’s collaboration has been a success because both of the companies aim to offer their clients quality in addition to fast and impeccable service.

It is clear that you can’t achieve a professional result by using merely soapy water. And this is when we – Puhastaja Kaubamaja – came into play. We focus on positive results.

It is with pleasure that we help Basiilik’s family in cleaning duties in the future.

AS Ebeta
Irina Nirk
Deputy Manager

KAFO has only positive feelings of cooperation with Basiilik. Aside from being seen as very uniform, bright-eyed and committed to work, the team has also been very cooperative. They sincerely care about what they serve to their customers, always listen to our suggestions related to coffee, are very attentive when fulfilling the tasks, and even when they sometimes get worried, they share their concerns by letting us know. This is tremendously important because the sun will come out faster behind a cloud and we can be sure that our coffee is well served and that Basiilik’s customers are happy.

Kafo OÜ
Annika Andersen

While collaborating with restaurant Basiilik, I feel that the entire team is doing what they love to do. As a result, the dishes are heavenly delicious.

Food is like artwork, you can already feel fulfilled only by looking at it.
Employees are full of enthusiasm and creativity, so I always experience surprising moments and experiences in Basiilik restaurants.
They are like a big family who loves good food and company.
I not only enjoy working with them but I have also become their biggest fan 🙂

Maatriks Marketing OÜ
Hannes Unt
Executive Director

Tori Siidritalu is a small family business that was founded 4 years ago and Basiilik has been our good partner since the day one.

Thanks to strong and mutual trust, our cooperation has been consistent.

We are delighted that restaurant Basiilik is collaborating with small family businesses. That distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd and helps small businesses to flourish and develop.

Tori Jõesuu Siidri ja Veinitalu OÜ
Karmo and Veranika Haas
Executive Directors